Meet Our Horses, staff and dogs


Belongs to one of our Supporting Riders. Unfortunately Charlie suffers from arthritis in his hocks so takes life pretty quietly nowadays. He spends his time hacking but also still plays a huge part in the parades.


Belongs to one of our members of staff. Eadie joined us in August 2018 as a 7 year old. She has already done the Lord Mayors Show and our Annual Inspection but has not taken to the parade side. Eadie loves her hacking and is learning in the school and jumping.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Felix was a show jumper in his past. He now teaches the more novice riders and has retired from jumping. Felix is hoof perfect on parade and enjoys his hacks in the summer.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Lexi is our stroopy mare and every yard has one but she loves the humans. On parade she has played many roles all of them hoof perfect.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry and joined us in August 2018 as an 8 year old. Martha has done the Lords Mayors Show and our Annual Inspection. Never judge a book by it's cover they say, Martha is a very clever cookie and will not let you go past her stable without making a fuss of her.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Rubin joined us as a 5yr old in 2014 he has worked his way through the ranks and is now an officers horse. He has taught every beginner and also every advanced rider that has come to the yard.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Sky joined us in March 2019 at the young age of 21! You will certainly not think that when you ride her. Sky has hunted and evented so  knows her stuff.


Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Taz joined us in 2017 as a 15yr  old. He settled into his military role as if he had been doing it all his life. He loves the humans and really looks after his riders in the school.


Belongs to one of our members of staff. Zorro joined us in 2013 as a 9yr old. He loves his military work as he finds it mentally stimulating. Zorro is only doing lessons now and taking life a little easier.

Caroline Quested

Joined the Light Cavalry in December 2004 as the Stable Manager. Prior to this Caroline managed Dhekelia Saddle Club in Cyprus and worked for the Royal Engineers Saddle Club in Kent.

Danni Short

Danni joined us as a groom in Feb 2019. Prior to this Danni studied at BCA and also did her work experience with us in 2015

Kendra McNie

Kendra joined us in March 2019 as a groom. Prior to this Kendra worked at a London riding school.


Belongs to Caroline. Misty will greet you with a lot of noise but is a big softie at heart, She loves carrots and will sniff them out at a 100 yards.


Buddy belongs to Danni. Danni found him at the Dogs Trust where she fell in love with him, and who can blame her.


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