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Meet Our Horses, Staff and Dogs



Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Lexi turns her hoof to everything and is a key player in all of our Ceremonial Duties being able to perform every role. She is well loved by the Supporting Riders and life in her penthouse suite where she can have attention from humans without being close to other horses which suits her just fine.



Belongs to the Light Cavalry and joined us in August 2018. A versatile horse who is able to perform all ceremonial roles. Totally full of character she has a very strong following from the Supporting Riders. She dislikes hacking alone.



Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Taz joined us in 2017. He settled into his military role as if he had been doing it all his life and continues to thrive at displays and on parade. A 1st choice for many Supporting Riders, he goes to the level of the rider.



Belongs to the Light Cavalry. Sky joined us in March 2019 as quieter life from but not yet ready to retire. An amazing mare who has performed well in Ceremonial dress, at 25 she is still going strong but her work load is very carefully monitored.



Belongs to the Light Cavalry and joined us in September 2020. joining at the tailend of the Global Pandemic she has only performed in Our Annual Inspection and the Lord Mayors parade twice. A beautiful mare who loves to take the Supporting Riders hacking.



Belongs to one of our Supporting Riders and after being stabled for many years at the Light Cavalry Stables Windsor he now lives close by with access to full turnout. Charlie still joins us on every parade and is the most handsome of Officers Horse.


Clare Russell

Clare joined us in November 2021 as our General Manager. Previously to this Clare has managed a riding club/livery yard and was the office manager for a large equestrian competition centre.



Belongs to Clare. Daisy loves her balls and will keep you occupied throwing one for most of your visit if you are not careful.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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