light cavalry diary of events

All the events below are for Light Cavalry members.

Full details are published in orders.


founder's day

4th June 2019

founder's day

6th June 2019

naval & military club

13th June 2019

Cartier Queens Cup, GPC

16th June 2019

Outsourcing Royal Windsor Cup GPC

23rd June 2019

Sheriff's Ride

10th July 2019

light cavalry annual dinner

13th July 2019

spitfires past masters assoc

18th July 2019

hac city march

24th July 2019

special constabulary, hac, 100th anniversary dinner

1st August 2019

Ham Polo

7th September 2019

light cavalry annual inspection weekend

19th and 20th October 2019

goldsmiths visit

30th October 2019

Lord mayors show

9th November 2019

light cavalry xmas dinner

7th December 2019

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Flemish Farm, Windsor Great Park, Windsor SL4 2LD, UK

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