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Supporting Riders Events

All the events below are for Supporting Riders to get involved in.

We email further details to all our Supporting Riders nearer the dates of the events. 

Combined Training Show

16th April 2023

Held at Flemish Farm. Dressage and show jumping competition

Day Camps

Dressage Day Camp 7th April, Show Jumping Day Camp 10th April

Riding, lunch, tea coffee and cake. A great way to spend the day

Lecture Demo Evening with Clare

26th April 2023

An evening watching coaching and horses with a focus on 'following hand' and 'connection'.

Magique Hands Demo Day

7th May 2023

A great day with Jodie Worbys of Magique hands and Clare Russell, learning stretches and massage for he horses warm up and recover. Time to be hands on and practice.

Military skills Day

16th July 2023

A great opportunity to have a go at riding in Military tack, Ceremonial Tack and Side Saddles as well as learn Sword and Lance Drills

Horses Summer Holidays

14th August - 27th August

This is when our fantastic horses get to have a break and put their hooves up. Normal timetable will resume on the 28th August

Light Cavalry Annual Inspection

1st October 2023

The Light Cavalry, both mounted and dismounted are to be inspected. A great event with further details to follow.

Lord Mayors Show

11th November 2023

Held in London. The biggest and busiest parade of the year.

Christmas Dinner


Light Cavalry Annual Dinner held at Armoury House. Black Tie event with 3 courses, wine and port.

Christmas Show

17th December 2023

Horses, Christmas Music, Games, Mince Pies and much more! Held at Flemish Farm. Dressage, Dressage to Music, Fancy Dress and some jumping.

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