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Who can ride with us

Our riding and coaching facilities are open to both adult civilians and military personnel. You could be a novice, intermediate or advanced rider looking for the opportunity to ride quality horses in a unique environment. By joining the Supporting Riders you can take lessons in  our full sized indoor school, hack in Windsor Great Park and be part of our great social activities.

Riding With Us: About Us
Our Supporting Riders have been getting in the practice for the Light Cavalry in-house show here at

Joining the Supporting Riders

As well as being able to ride the Light Cavalry horses, our Supporting Riders can enter our shows, attend social events, receive discount at a local tack shop and help behind the scenes at parades.

The Light Cavalry is a non profit charity organisation, the stables are self funded and do not receive any government grants. 

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in please contact us to book an assessment lesson to begin with.

Please bring the forms below with you on your first lesson.

Riding With Us: About Us
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